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Travel spending money….HELP!!

Updated 6 years, 3 months ago

I leave on my travels in 3 weeks & I've trawled the internet for advice & ideas on the best way to take my cash abroad with me, but just can't seem to find the answer.

I was planning on getting a prepaid card, as it's secure & free to spend on & withdraw cash from. The best one I found was the Travelex ones. But when I went to purchase it I realised the exchange rate they offer meant I lost out on around £40 of the £1500 I was going to load onto the card. Not too bad, I thought, for the security & convenience of having the card. Then I was warned that my bank, Santander, will charge me a 'cash advance fee'. Santander's fee is uncapped and would mean another £35 being taken away from my hard earned cash!!

Now I'm being plagued with ideas & advice to change my bank account to one that won't charge me to spend on my card overseas, but they are so hard to find. And is changing banks REALLY the only option?!

PLEEEEEASE somebody tell me what to do...?!?!?! :-S

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