General Travel Tips: Part 1

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General Travel Tips: Part 1

Updated 14 years, 5 months ago

I thought I would try and share some of the things I have picked up on my travels with you, the reader, so you dont make the same mistakes I did!

Take a sleeping bag- Very annoying when the hostel has no sheets and you have to use your towel. Nightmare.

Mark your food!- If you dont mark the food you put in a communal fridge with your name and room number, it will mysteriously disappear... leaving you very annoyed that someone else has had a meal at your expense.

Do not leave home without a camera-I missed many golden photo opportunities in Thailand thanks to not bringing a camera..... I bought one later, but I still missed a lot.

Keep a travel diary-keep it succinct, but write down all the people you meet. You'll forget loads of funny people and things that happened if you dont keep one.

Thats it for now. More next time. Learn from my mistakes!

Lunny :D

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