C-ing Copenhagen: Scavenging Around the City

Copenhagen; a city of cute cafes, charming canals and cracking castles. However, there’s more to C and do in the capital of Denmark than kicking back, eating a Danish pastry and watching the world go by. It’s a city that needs to be seen on foot (or bike for that matter), and I’m best at getting lost with my camera in hand.

That was the opening paragraph to my winning entry for Visit Denmark’s #dkblogger competition back in April.

Visit Denmark were on the hunt for four bloggers to go and capture the essence of Copenhagen and Denmark. A country that is notoriously cool, calm and collected, they decided that the best way to showcase their beautiful city was through social media (after all, it’s what we bloggers do so well). How did they want us to do that? By going on a social media scavenger hunt of course.

With 11 clues and a number of hints and tips, we were given free reign of the city to be creative and capture everything we needed. We had to interpret each clue in our own way and it led to some truly imaginative and ingenious photos.

From walking around the trendy districts of Norrebo and Vesterbro to famous sites such as The Little Mermaid and Tivoli, there was no part of the city that was left undiscovered.

Taking a simplistic approach, I wanted to highlight the things that made Danes and Denmark one of the most chilled nations on earth. After all, the country sells itself on being uncomplicated and easy going, so instead of telling you what I did in Copenhagen, I’m going to show you.

Here’s how you scavenge around the city; hopefully you’ll discover why C-ing Copenhagen is an amazing and unforgettable trip for anyone…

Clue #1: Happy Danes:
The essence of Danish happiness – watching one of their favourite bands, Kashmir @ Tivoli Gardens.

Clue #2: Go Green in the Capital:
A watery pursuit @ Tivoli Gardens.

Clue #3: The Old with the New:
A new tree, a borrowed key, an old statue on a blue sea @ The Royal Garden.

Clue #4: A Fairy Tale City:
Only in fairy tales; a tiger meets a mermaid @ The Little Mermaid.

Clue #5: Foodie Heaven:
Traditional smushi @ The Royal Cafe.

Clue #6: Quench that Thirst!
Probably the cosiest cafe for coffee in Copenhagen @ The Living Room.

Clue #7: “Rød grød med fløde” – Try Out Your Danish:
Just been trying my moves on a local Danish girl; apparently I’m laughable @ Cafe 22, Norrebro

(This roughly translates to “I think you look beautiful. I love you”. As I said, she laughed in my face.)

Clue #8: The Look of Denmark:
Danish design; the beautiful City Hall in the centre of Copenhagen.

Clue #9: Copenhipster:
Some cool hipster street art @ Vesterbro.

Clue #10: The biggest and the best:
Nyhavn, my favourite place in Copenhagen.

Clue #11: Nordic Cool:
Birds and babes; the alternative side to Nordic cool @ Hojbro Square.

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