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    BarrattsMini wrote:
    I contacted BUNAC and the Canadian Embassy who have answered this for me.
    BUNAC can be applied for from anywhere. Which is excellent.
    Canada immi responded stating the 2014 Visa's will open much closer to the end of the year. I have been placed on their 'interested' list and will be made aware when they re-open for application.
    Both of them stated I would be looking at a 8 week turnaround for successful application so the likelyhood of acceptance and going out in January is minimal.
    We are still very interested we may just need to find somewhere else to be for 2 months until it clears. S.E.Asia would probably be cheap enough!!!

    Good to know! Do you think its worth going to the Canadian embassy in Australia anyway just to see what they say?

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    hdsimmons wrote:
    I'm with the old school crew. I took no phone, no kindle, no laptop nothing. I had my iPod and that was all. I just used internet cafes or computers at the hostels. You'll be fine like that, the internet speed was always fine and not too expensive. Many hostels have free internet anyway, though expect to queue.

    Yeah, agreed Hannah, I’m old school too.
    Internet cafes in Asia are quicker and cheaper than most WiFi hot spots. I also like the fact that you go into a internet cafe, do what you need to do, then go back to your hostel to socialise. In my opinion there are too many people on laptops / tablets in hostels…

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    It’s actually relatively easy to keep fit while you’re on the road.
    Because you’re on such a tight budget, you’ll find that you walk everywhere. Anything under 30 mins is walkable. Take into consideration you’ll be carrying a day pack and it’ll be hot and you’ll burn off those calories.
    Also, a load of hostels are getting wise to the fact that backpackers want to keep fit on their travels – they’re starting to run classes specifically for backpackers so keep an eye out for that.
    And finally, some countries like Australia and China are completely kitted out with outdoor gyms.
    If you’ve got the mentality to stay fit on your travels then you’ll do it, even if its a run in the morning.
    If not, you’ll still be surprised at how much exercies you’ll do while on the road…

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    You’ve got the right order. Invariably you want to buy your RTW ticket first. The sooner the better because then it’s out of the bank account and you can start saving up.
    Vaccinations should be done three / two months before you leave. Be warned, these can be very expensive!
    Visas two months before.
    And travel gear you pick up along the way (birthdays, sales, etc).
    Hope that helps a bit!

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    Warrick wrote:

    Even though this looks like spam it’s actually a quality website. If you’re interested in volunteering with animals then check it out!

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    Hi mate,
    Check out this thread – http://www.gapyear.com/boards/viewthread/61002/[/url]
    Got everything you need.

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    milnerz4 wrote:
    My plans are roughly as follows
    July - Inondesia
    August - Malaysia
    September - South thailand
    October - North Thailand
    November - Cambodia
    Decemebr - Vietnam
    January - Laos
    Feb - Thailand again/Burma?
    Then fly onto Aus for a year working 🙂
    Obviously this is just a rough plan that could easily change

    As a rough plan that sounds frickin’ awesome…

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    I only need a few more and I can publish this bad boy.
    Come on peeps, let’s have your comments!

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    I may be slightly biased here but the Lonely Planet Thorn Tree forum ain’t got nothing on this one.
    I’ve used it a few times before and I find the responses a bit light weight.
    Here you get really in-depth responses and you can tell the users are really really passionate about backpacking and travelling!
    But hey, as I said, I’m biased.

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