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    Hey Alys,
    What countries are you visiting? Whats your itinerary?
    Most people say that STA Travel are the cheapest for RTW tickets but it depends how much flexibility you want.
    I didn’t book a RTW ticket. I just hopped on a plane to Delhi for £200, and booked tickets as a when I need them. Culcatta to Thailand – £100. Phuket to Sydney – £140 etc etc
    Budget airlines such as:
    often means its cheaper just to book separate tickets. I visited 11 countries whilst I was away and the overall cost of all my flights was well under a grand, meaning it was much cheaper than a RTW ticket.
    HOWEVER, a RTW ticket offers security and structure. Depends on what type of traveller you are …

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    Laos is such a stunning country, a backpackers favourite, and there is more to the country than just tubing.
    Tham Kong Lo Cave is an example of this. It’s a cave that spans 7km, app arently one of the longest in the world. You hire a little boat and buzz around from one side to the other, seeing the amazing rock formations along the way, stopping off for a paddle and a walk. It’s a little out the way, near Tha Khaek, but its seculsion makes it even more special.
    When I went to Tham Kong Lo Cave, not only was I the only person to visit it that day, but I felt as if I was the only person to have visited it in years.
    I did a five day motorbike ride around central Laos, know as the Tha Khaek loop. Not for the faint hearted but one of the highlights of my trip. Really worth looking into. If you’re thinknig of doing either then just message me your detials – both are truly a SE-Asian highlight !

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    If I had a month away I would go back to Nepal. It is so so so cheap once you are out there, and there is so much to do.
    Amazing culture. Amazing sites. Amazing food. Amazing people.
    You could fly to Kathmandu, see the sites there, maybe take a flight to Everest. Kathmandu is packed with temples.
    There are a few mountain towns, such as Bandipur, around Kathmandu that are well worth seeing.
    I spent about 2 weeks alone in Pokhara, a week of which was trekking. The Himalayas are beautiful up close. There is loads to do in Pokhara too, such as biking around the down, caving, and swimming in the lake.
    A lot of people like to go to the National Park at Chitwan too !
    If not Nepal, how about Goa and Kerela in India ?

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    As Amanda said, it all depends on where you are volunteering. I presume you will be in the south, as that’s where most people volunteer.
    If that’s the case, then you can’t beat Pokhara for a week. You can do a 3-day trek, visit the surrounding teamples and caves, and soak up the culture. Eat momo’s !
    I would forget visiting neighbouring countries, but it’s up to you. You can’t get into Tibet legally from Nepal, not without thousands of pounds, and you need a visa for India. It’s probably not worth it if you are just travelling for a week, and India can take years to travel !
    It will be hot, but sometimes it can get cooler in the evenings, especially in the evenings, so take a light-weight fleece with you. They are easy to pack.
    Let me know your plans J and I’ll see if I can help more.

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    Hi Sophie,
    Even if no one responds you will still have an amazing time ! Thailand is the new Australia, and backpackers are flocking there in there thousands. Wether you are in the south or the north there will be people looking for a friend. It’s uni holidays remember ! Just be open ! Enjoy !

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    Hi Jess,
    I know travelling on your own can seem a little daunting to begin with but you’ve got nothing to worry about ! Look how many friends you made in Thailand.
    It always takes a couple of days to adjust, but after that you will be making friends left, right and centre. It may seem rude at first, but the easiest way to make friends is a meal times. Listen to what people are talking about, and if someone mentions a place you have been, or are about to go to, then just pitch in. Ask them their thoughts. You will become an expert at reading people too !
    The whole of Asia is similar when it comes to meeting people, and that is one of the important things about travelling. People travel to meet others. There will be lots of other people in your situation.
    When you fly into Denpasar, you will head to Kuta. It’s only 15km, about 30 mins, and it is buzzing with backpackers. When you leave Kuta, the bus service is called ‘Perma Tours’. Just ask the tour operator if the bus is full – I think you will find you will make friends after about 10 minutes, and best frends after about 2 hours !
    The ‘Gili Islands’ are a fantastic place to meet people too as everyone is there for a party.
    You will have an amazing time. Just say yes…

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