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Updated 13 years, 11 months ago

Yep its all done and dusted :lol:

STA did a brilliant job and particular thanks goes to Sarah from the STA branch in George Street, Glasgow.

My itinery is Glasgow - London - Tokyo via Osaka - Singapore via Bangkok - Sydney - Melbourne - Christchurch via Auckland - Fiji - LA - New York - London - Glasgow

With a few more overland stops in Australia, America and Canada pretty good deal only cost a grand including taxes and flights from and to Glasgow. When i walked out of STA i was soooo excited plus a bit nervous as its no longer me just thinking about it i am actually going to do it!

When i got home though and looked at my Itinery i hadnt realised that i have to stop in Bangkok for an hour on my way to Singapore so that made me a little bit nervous as i keep hearing all these stories about people being planted with drugs in Bangkok but doesnt look like i got much choice about stopping lol

Well four months to go and i got absolute heaps of stuff to arrange before then so i reckon the time will pass rather quickly

Anyway will add more probably in the next week or so

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