Change of Plans (Again!!!)

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Change of Plans (Again!!!)

Updated 13 years, 9 months ago

Right I have finally got my plans in order lol

After a month of indecision I decided to go back to STA to book a one way ticket to Sydney with a 10 day stopover in Hong Kong. As you know i had purchased a Round The World Ticket but cancelled it as i wanted to change dates and as i thought more and more about it I realised that if i wanted to spend around three months travelling on the way home then i could only spend about nine months in Australia so i ditched the RTW ticket and opted for a One way ticket as i can be away now for longer than a year.

Bad news is that i couldnt get Tokyo and Singapore on my one way ticket so i opted for a 10 day stopover in Hong Kong. I can always visit Tokyo and Singapore on my next travelling escapade :D

So i leave for Hong Kong on the 7th of September and i cant wait as i now have it all settled in my mind that this is it i am definitley going now.

Plus the ticket was only £487 and that included the stopover and the flight from Glasgow to London so its a lot cheaper than what i was originally going to pay for my Round the World ticket. Plus i now have five more months of manic saving before i leave.


well until the next fiasco lol

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