Planning Trip to Europe: Summer 2017

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Planning Trip to Europe: Summer 2017

Updated 1 Year, 4 months ago

Hey guys,

So in Summer of 2017 I'll be graduating high school and going into university. It's the last summer of true freedom and I wanted to plan a one-month trip to Europe, not 100% sure of all the details but I'm planning to travel by Eurail. 

I'm super excited for this, and I really hope to find a couple of people who can come with me on this amaaazing adventure! I have friends in Spain and Denmark so we'll probably be able to get free accommodations there (hopefully XD). 

If you guys are interested, let me know and we can plan this trip of a lifetime together. 
Also, I know I probably seem really sketchy cause I don't have a picture up but it's because whenever I try to upload a picture, this weird error occurs and I don't know how to fix it :P Sorry about that. 

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