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Pai is So Cool - Don’t Want to Leave

Updated 3 years, 4 months ago

I've spent 5 nights in Pai, it's such a great little town, not surprised the hippies love it! It had a laid back vibe, and all the sights were close by to explore. I spent a lot of time chilling out in hammocks at Breeze of Pai, my  guesthouse by the river, which was awesome. Did loads of other stuff to though... 

I rented a scooter to drive around town on. I went for a drive up into the hills and around the countryside to take in the beautiful views of Pai. It looked even more amazing when I went out for a drive that evening at sunset. It was so nice to be away from the smog surrounded by mountains and green fields! Pai has a good climate, hot (30+degrees) in the day and cool at night. It was nice to feel a bit of a chill again. 

I explored some other sights around Pai, such as a pretty waterfall with a dangerous bridge and the Pai Canyon. Pai Canyon was very cool, and I explored on foot, walking over ragged, narrow ridges and trying not to fall over the sides! 

Pai was best at night, with a night market on the main walking street and music pumping from the pubs and clubs around. The night market was great - souvenir and food stalls set up along the street and I had great fun tasting all the treats. My personal favourites were the pumpkin spring rolls and the fresh strawberries nom nom nom!

I joined in and let off lanterns over the river in the evening - so nice to watch it slowly floating away into the night sky. I watched them until the light finally disappeared.

Tommorrow I'm going to Chang Rai to find even more adventure there. Wish me luck!

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