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Getting a Thai Massage

Updated 3 years, 8 months ago

When window-shopping for a Thai massage, there are a few ways you can tell whether they are legit or perhaps a little on the seedy side.

The tell-tale signs of those offering MORE than your average massage are as follows:
• The masseuses will be sat in front of the shop, coaxing in potential business
• The décor of the shops will appear more private from the outside
• The girls will often make crude comments and ‘popping’ noises to passers by (you can make your own inferences from those!)
When you do establish that a Thai massage parlour is, it’s definitely a good call to pay a little extra for an oil-based one, especially after a long day at the peril of the sun (lesson learned there).

For about 300Baht you can get an oil massage, or for an extra 100Baht they will use Aloe Vera which will really take the edge off the lobstered skin, with all of it’s healing properties.

It’s easy to find a place to get a really professional, cheap hour long massages in the popular tourist areas. Just make sure you find the right type!

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