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A Perfect Time for Brisbane

Updated 5 years, 10 months ago

Although sub-tropical Brisbane never gets much of a winter (at least in the way many northern Europeans experience it) for about two or three months of the year the town definitely loses it's balmy shine.

Not surprisingly, this is over the Australian winter (June/July/August) with the most intense cold (we're talking single figures Celsius here) occuring in August.

And of course, south-east Queensland also has a few months of the year that could best be described as uncomfortably hot and/or wet - strangely enough, over the summer months of December through February and in to March.

If you want to visit in that halcyon window, where you can walk around in the day wearing shorts and a t-shirt and sleep at night without having the A/C cranked, your magic months are mid/late March through May, and then, coming out of winter, about late September through early December.

You'll still get unseasonably cold/hot days through those times, but they really are the best times of year to be in Brisbane.

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