Top 7 Music Cities to Visit This Year

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Top 7 Music Cities to Visit This Year

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You know, music fans have itchy feet. They need to travel around different cities so as to visit concerts of their favorite bands. Live music venue is a must-see performance for music buffs. Here is the list of 7 hot cities where you will have a whale of your time. Sarah T has something on the same topic for you as well
1. New York. This city has so much to offer. Certainly, Madison Square Garden is one of the most powerful magnets which constantly attracts famous stars. You can’t be bored in New York. Broadway is here! Take a stroll down a street and you will spot folk groups of different nationalities playing outdoors till dawn. The Big Apple will not leave you without live music, for sure.
2. San Diego. Fans of different music genres will not be disappointed in this city. House of Blues, Blonde Bar, Belly Up Tavern receive stars daily. What about a performance in a theatre? An evening spent in San Diego Civic Theatre will exceed your expectations. Try it out with “Hamilton”. You can buy the tickets here
3. Los Angeles. You should not look for live music in L.A. as it will accompany you wherever you go. Buskers sing along the street trying to express their music views attracting curious passers-by. Any bar you come to is likely to have a raising singing star inside. If you want to buy tickets for something opulent, The Walt Disney Concert Hall should be your choice.
4. Chicago. For sure, the greatest Blues experience can be gained in this city. Blues bars are as common here as pubs in Ireland. That is why it is a piece of cake to find a place where live music is played every night. Apart from it, don’t miss on a chance to visit the Lollapalooza festival which is famous for its three crowded days of rock, metal live music.
5. Las Vegas. The brightest music concerts will never be erased from your memory. While gamblers are squandering their money in casinos, Jennifer Lopez or Coldplay is doing a live performance somewhere in The Double Down Saloon. Broadway musical hits are staged here if that’s what you are interested in.
6. Memphis. It is a birthplace of such megastars as Elvis Presley, Justin Timberlake, Aretha Franklin. It’s impossible to spend a boring evening here. Leave your house for Beale Street and this is where you will forget about time. Another place of entertainment is Bartlett Performing Arts Centre. This venue is likely to be packed with people as well as BB King’s Blues Club.
7. Atlanta. Hip-hop buffs always come here. The biggest venue for hip-hoppers is the A3C Festival where real stars come to as long as raising hip-hop stars. The Fox Theatre receives concerts of famous singers, ballet, Broadway shows, summer films. There is a piece of art for each theatre addict.

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