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Australia - week 1

Updated 12 years, 4 months ago

Well I arrived in Sydney at 5am and by the time I'd waited for about 30 mins in the line to get my passport stamped then get my visa label then clear customs it was about 7. As I was staying at Wake Up! you get free airport transfer on the KST bus, so I located the bus and sat on it for about 30 minutes as the driver wouldn't leave until the bus was full, he kept driving off then spotting someone else and stopping the bus to try and get them on. Arrived at the hostel about 8ish and checked in but my bed wasn't ready until about 1, so I wandered the streets a bit and read my book, then when my bed was ready climbed into it and slept until 8am the following day. I've just done the touristy thing for the past week really, I've been to Manly, up the Sydney tower, the aquarium & assorted other things.

When I arrived I found it really hard to meet people and talk and things but on Thursday I started talking to 2 people from the dorm and we've done quite a few things together which is always nice. We went to Kings Cross on Saturday night, which was interesting to say the least, saw absolutely loads of prostitutes which was quite nasty, but its a fact of life I guess. We went to a club called Moulin Rouge which was utter piss, I don't think I've ever been to such an appalling club in my life, it really was bad. I just discovered the other day that my phone can't be unlocked to take an Australian sim card which is a bit of a bugger so I have to go and buy a new phone, so thats what I'm doing today, buying a new phone & a new book seeing as I've just finished the book I was reading.

I'll add more later but my internet time is running out.

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