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Long time no speak

Updated 12 years, 4 weeks ago

Firstly I knew I'd never be able to keep up-to-date with this diary but its almost a new year & so my new years resolution will be to keep this up-to-date, starting from now. Friday 23rd December 2005.

Well since I last updated quite a bit has happened, as you'd expect would in 2 months. Well I ledt Melbourne on Monday 19th Dec, because I was sick of Sydney really & there was nothing to keep me there so I decided Melbourne was a good option as I'm hoping to get a job fruit picking or something around Melbourne so it made sense. I'm staying in Melbourne Metro YHA which is really nice, despite all the old people (& yes there are alot of them), its really clean & most people seem friendly enough. The kitchen is lovely, I could just spend all day in there after living for 10/11 weeks without a kitchen (I say without there actually was one, I just couldn't bring myself to use it, it was DISGUSTING!) its heaven to have one. Anyway enough about the kitchen.

While in Sydney I got myself a job in "marketing" after I'd had my interview I discovered it was in fact door-to-door sales, now had I been at home I'd of told them them politely that I really wasn't interested, as I could never, ever do door-to-door, but I thought that seeing I was all the way across the other side of the world and no-one knew me I'd give it a go, so I did. It all started out fine, I did really well for my first 3 weeks then it just went downhill so far that last Thursday (15th December) they "had to let me go" so that was quite fun as I was going to quit on the Friday anyway, becuase I just wasn't enjoying it anymore and was making absolutely no money what so ever. So for the 10 or so weeks that I did that job, I didn't do much else really as I worked Monday-Saturday, 11.30-9.30ish Monday to Friday & 10-6ish on a Saturday. I say ish as sometimes I would be out of the office by 9.30 other times it wasn't until 10.30. It wasn't the ideal job if you wanted to have a life but I quite enjoyed it thats why I stuck it out.

Anyway so I flew down to Melbourne on Monday, I flew into Avalon airport, its one of the funniest things I've ever seen, the airport consists of 2 tin sheds, one marked "Departures" the other "Arrivals" very high-tech. I haven't really done much in Melbourne I've just lounged about because I'm so tired, I went to 'Queen Victoria's night market' on Wednesday night, it was wonderful so many things I wanted to buy but couldn't, so I bought myself a chicken fajita for my tea, some organic peaches & a dress, because it was so pretty & cheap aswell (Christmas present to myself), I went to the market yesterday aswell but during the day. I discovered that the market is the best way to buy fruit because its so cheap (the supermarkets are sooo expensive) I ended up with a plastic bag full of grapes, due to a slight language barrier between me & the stall holder, they were $2.80 a kilo & I just wanted a bunch but she emptied the whole plate into a bag and it came to $4.20 so after trying to explain I just wanted some of them and her giving me blank looks I just gave up & handed over my money as I reckoned they'd get eated anyway, well I bought them yesterday & I don't have that many left, they're just so good. I can't believe its Christmas on Sunday its so strange, its all warm and stuff, I haven't seen my family or friends for over 3 months & its Christmas in 2 days, weird! The hostel are doing a traditional Christmas lunch so I think I'm going to have that, because I don't really fancy pasta for Christams dinner. I've got my cards displayed in the dorm, they look so good, real festive. I've got Christmas tunes playing in my ear, I didn't know there were so many songs about but clearly they are because they've been playing for 2 days now & I've only heard one song repeated twice. Best fly, I'm off to the market again to stock up on fruit and get some bread aswell.

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