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The Spanish Islands

Updated 7 years, 5 months ago

I have never visited the main country of Spain, although I very much would like to. I would like to take part in la tomatina, to eat authentic Spanish tapas, and much more. So far I have to say, I have not come very close. I have visited two islands, Ibiza and Tenerife, and am left disappointed by the 'real taste of Spain' that I expected to gain. At best, I would recommend these places as a R&R holiday spot and a party trip.
Ibiza was hot, sunny and packed with young people going to clubs. That's about all there was to it. The hotel I stayed in was catered highly to tourists, although only 30 seconds from the beach, and the surrounding area was very unexciting. I consider than perhaps I was unlucky to have visited Ibiza on a family holiday, and as such missed the real essence of the country. One thing I did find interesting was a local hippie market, where cheap tourist tack and other more unusual items were for sale. I was also startled to find that my Grandad had purchased some cannabis lollipops by mistake. This was the most exciting part of the whole trip, even when I was 12 years old.
I was about 14 when I visited Tenerife. I found this country very similar to Ibiza, highly catered to tourists and families. The ash colored beaches were an unusual but pleasant experience however, as was a visit to a local volcano. It is undeniable that the island was beautiful, but the bars and sellers that walked up to you while you ate in a restaurant were too much for me when I was a child. Perhaps I would visit again to see the 'loro parque,' which hosted an amusing parrot show and other beautiful birds.

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