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New York New Yoooork!

Updated 8 years, 6 months ago

:D :D :D

Yes finally! Our plane landed, i saw the yellow cabs, became confused when i heard squealing before realising it was coming from me! Yellow Cabs! So exciting!

Air bus and subway trip to Manhattan and the excitment built up. Soon enough i was let loose on the streets of Manattan, Sex and the city land.....ah! Within 10 minutes id fallen in love 10 times,within 2 minutes i'd said "Oooooh!'' about a dozen. My eyes round like saucers, i couldn't wait to drop off my bag and explore. So much to see and only a week to see it.

Manhattan is a funny place, ive never met such amusing folk. One thing i realised instantly is that they love the British accent. As soon as we started to speak, we got a lot of attention, and pretty much what we wanted. Bizarre that the Yorkshire accent should actually work in my favour....

...To Be Continued......

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