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Updated 9 years, 6 months ago

We took a short ride into the countryside and stayed in a guest house.We went to the river via some farms and did some peanut picking with the local farmers and swam here.The following day we went for a long bike ride through the counrtyside and saw some great views then on the afternoon took a chinese cooking class. This was good fun and our food was the best we have had here. Ste cooked with meat and me veggie.(I'd never heard of lotus root but it goes great with cashews). We cooked 5 dishes each! By this time the bathroom smelt so bad as it was an open squat i had to brush my teeth outside!- disgusting!! We packed a small bag for 3 days,took our big bags to Guilin train station and took a long (scary) bus ride up in the hills to Longji rice terraces. These are terraced rice fields that wind from the foot to the top of the hill (to utilize space). These change colour according to the season. They are green now due to the growing season. The next day we trekked to another guest house. There are minority groups here. One type of ladies that wear towels on their heads (Zuang) and the others have black hair to their toes (Yao). It is said they wash it rarely and do so in rice water and have parties to celebrate. They wind it around their heads and you can pay and they will loose it down for you. We had a cultural show in the evening and we had to join in.This ended up being hilarious!

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