Our last day in Thailand

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Our last day in Thailand

Updated 9 years, 3 months ago

We were sad to see Paul and Kell leave yesterday. We had fun being their tour guides, introducing them to the world of ladyboys, ping pong shows,-(this was hilarious. Some of the dancers were a little chubby and the lady pulling the razor blades and god knows what else from her bits really couldn't be arsed and was just chatting to her mates like it was nothing), Thai boxing and cheap travel. We managed to stay in excellent hotels for Thailand for our budgets and ate well. Paul and Kell left their toiletries for us when they left which was a bonus, (we wouldn't normally be so over the moon over deodorant and expensive shampoo ha ha).
We are flying to Kuala Lumpur tom (100 quid) and will spend a couple of days in Singapore before flying to Perth on the 6th Oct. (the airline has charged us 75 dollars each for the privelage of changing from Melbourne- robbing gits!) We absolutely love Thailand now . We are more chilled out and know the scams to avoid and have found the people more pleasant this time, (this is also due to us doing more touristy things this time we think) and it's nearly high season so they are probably pleased they are going to get more money soon! We are staying at Rang Rong in Phuket (the first night here we spent next door which was good for 500B, albiet the water was brown, as these were full) This is 800B but the service is great rooms are good and internet is free!
Thanks to Paul and Kell for our massage, we had it last night. Ste is better , he had a maccies last night!

View our pictures to see what fun we have had!

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