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152 days to go!!

Updated 6 years, 7 months ago

Well I am on the 2nd countdown to my next trip. Been back in the UK since September 2009 and haven't been able to settle down at all. Worked a few part time jobs where I keep the horses and also for my dad with his business. I am now at Waddesdon Manor working as a Bookings Officer which is a contract position, booked my flights at the end of January and I am due to leave on the 3rd August. The original plan was to spend 6 days in New York then go and spend 5 and a bit months in California. That has unfortunately changed in the last few days so it is up in the air at the moment. But the trip is booked so that's all that matters at the moment. Something better is clearly in the mix and don't want to start making panic decisions for something that isn't 100% what I want to do.

So we are now on 152 days and that is like a life time away but it's really nice that I am able to be open with work as they know all about it now and the countdown really can begin. Looking for a part time job to top up the funds. So now just got to get my head into gear as to looking at other options for America - maybe just travel a bit and enjoy it and see what happens. As all of us travellers know - it's very hard to plan things with travelling as it all changes at the drop of the hat. Especially with my plans for California - a complete learning curve to show that nothing is set in stone!


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