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Updated 9 years, 1 Month ago

Well, I have come round in a huge, obscene loop round round SE Asia - and I am right back to where I have started.

I must say, I have enjoyed every day of this trip so far. Some days have been tiring and on occasions pretty frustrating(mainly when stuck on a bus) - but the vast majority of the 6 weeks weeks have been wonderful. I really appreciate every day out here, even the crap days - because at the end of the day, I know I would rather be here than stuck at home. Make sense?

Coming back to the hostel(Betel Box) where I started the journey, I really feel that I have changed - maybe I am just become more accustomed to travel here, I guess I will be able to see when I get home. I have enjoyed the independence I have had - absolute freedom really. It is a totally different experience than the 3 months I did in Borneo and I think when I get home the travel bug is really going to bite hard this time.

Phoned home today, apparently there isnt any internet connection at the moment, so I had to inform the family that I intended on heading to Europe the day after I got home - they seemed happy enough. My mum even suggested I take along my little brother. It could be interesting actually, I have tried before to enthuse him about the whole travel thing - I am sure he would have a good time if he gave it a go

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