What you'll see on the Golden Circle Tour, Iceland

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What you’ll see on the Golden Circle Tour, Iceland

Updated 1 Year, 9 months ago

I've just got back from a week in Iceland, it was AWESOME. Definitely somewhere I've always wanted to go. Gigantic glaciers, icy blue lakes, mighty volcanoes, deep craters and steaming hot geysers, it has it all. Three of the most spectacular phenomena on the main island all are very close to the capital of Reykjavik and you can easily visit them in one day.

If you’re planning on going on an Iceland Golden Circle tour, you’ve got a good plan. Here’s a look at what you can expect to see along the way from geysers to waterfalls…


Strokkur Geyser erupts every few minutes to heights of up to 30 metres. It’s absolutely incredible to watch. ‘Strokkur’ is Iceland for “churn” and the geyser is the main attraction in the Haukadalur geothermal area.


Right by the Strokkur Geyser is the Geysir, which is much bigger and can reach heights of 60  metres. This geyser only erupts every few years though so it’s the Strokkur which is the more visited of the two.


A few years ago the state decided to hold a private auction for the volcano and now a group of friends within Iceland own the volcano. They’re not being precious about it though – they’ve just done what we all would, stuck an entrance fee on getting in and show off to their mates about their posession. I assume.


Gullfoss Waterfall is an incredible sight. It’s absolutely magnificent – the best time to see it close up is in the summer as fences are put up to protect you come winter. Make sure your cameras are charged for this one – you’ll want to take photos I assure you.


The Continental Drift in here is the main attraction and refers to the tectonic plates you can see here which mark the gap between Europe and North America. If you’re scuba certified you can even scuba under the two. Every year the plates drift about 2cm apart – fascinating!


The Park is marked as one of the few double UNESCO World Heritage Sites, thanks to the Continental Ridge and the fact that it’s where the first parliament was held, in the world. Whether it was vikings, trolls or elves, no one can really be sure.

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