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A Few Thoughts on 4 Days in Moscow

I’ve spent the last few days in Moscow. I think all I knew about the city before was that it had the St Basil’s Cathedral in, and is obviously where the Kremlin is. And that’s it. Sometimes it’s good to go to a place you know nothing about – you’re a blank slate and don’t have too many pre existing influences on what that particular experience will be like.
One of the best things I did was a ‘Moscow by Night’ tour. They took us round on a bus to show us some of the most interesting sites and then dropped us off for the Metro. I’d actually already been on the Metro, earlier that day, and found it pretty easy to navigate and incredibly beautiful.
The bus took us to Victory Square. There was a huge statue in it, xx m high to represent the xx million people who died in the war – more than 50% were civilians. One of the most striking things here was the many fountains, lit up with a red light to represent the blood shed of the war.
The tour ended in the Red Square. We got to see St Basil’s Cathedral all lit up, which was obviously a highlight, the History Museum and also the GUM department store, which had lights running all round the outside – a bit like Harrods at Christmas.
Everything in Moscow is so big, and it’s so spread out. I’ve been wearing an activity tracker thing and it says that I walked 22km that day! As a backpacker it’s definitely easy to get around – the Metro is only 50 rubles (60p) a trip and they’re all over the city. Of course they have buses here, and they have Uber, which is pretty useful if ever you find yourself lost and confused.
I found it quite difficult to find what exactly to do in Moscow, other than food and drink. I wandered around a lot, walked down Arbat Street and sat and people watched near the guards at the Alexander Gardens. Some other people went off to the modern art museum but I don’t really like museums and galleries, although I was pretty gutted I didn’t go in the end after they told me everything they’d seen and done.
It seems so big here and so over the top. It’s been an interesting few days, and Moscow seems like a cool place to visit for a long weekend but I’m excited to get moving and see St Petersburg. It just sounds like more of my kind of place. 

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