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Arrived in San Pancho, Mexico – Incredible Place

(Bad internet connection! Check out my pics here >  http://www.gapyear.com/members/Vicky/photos/92273-colours-of-san-pancho)
I’m in San Pancho on the west coast of Mexico. I’ve wanted to come here for ages, ever since I saw a photo of the cool houses somewhere. It’s pretty much everything I wanted. I walked down the main street with a big smile on my face as soon as I arrived. 
The houses here are so colourful – I’ve realised that’s what makes me happy in life, colourful houses. From Saint Lucia, to Cuba, to Mexico, to Portugal – all my most favourite places to travel.
Life is pretty chilled here. Everyone is really friendly, from what I’ve experienced so far it’s a mix of 20% ex pats and 80% Mexicans. The beach is beautiful and there’s barely anyone on it. I kind of feel like this is the paradise all the resort hotels want to be.
Food is so cheap in the town. You can get a meaty taco for 10 pesos – that’s 40p! Buy 5 and you have a feast. One of the things I really like about San Pancho is the emphasis on good quality food. Many restaurants boast ‘vegan specials’ and ‘locally grown produce’, the fruit shops are bursting to the brim and the restaurants that don’t just serve delicious, traditional Mexican. Not the Tex Mex you get at home. 
It’s really hot here – definitely in the 30s so the town gets going at around 5ish. I still haven’t been out in the evening as I’m on a surf course (more on that later!) but that’s about to change tonight… 

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