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Coming Home from Travelling

Coming home after a long time abroad is an interesting experience. I was away for 15 weeks and have just finished a week at home. It’s scary how you can just fit back into the life you once had. I stayed at my mum and dad’s for most of it, working, readjusting and hanging out with them. Within a few hours of sharing stories and photos it was exactly the same as it always had been.
One of the many reasons I love blogging is that you take the time to record an experience in your mind and through good photos, diaries and sometimes even video. I have all these memories in my head, as well as published on my blog. It’s so good to look back on them and to make sure everything I’ve done wasn’t just a dream.
When I was walking the streets of the small village in Derbyshire where my parents now live, down to the Co op, it felt so normal. As if the craziness of the streets of Old Delhi, the sailing in the Philippines, the partying in the Gilis and the awe of Tokyo was in another life, even though it had ended less than a week before.
It’s amazing how adaptable humans are and the way we just jet around from place to place is evidence of this. There are a lot of posts on the gapyear.com message boards about backpackers coming home and having some sort of post gap year depression. After an extended time of seeing something new and amazing every day, not knowing what the next day will hold, to come back to normality can be a reverse culture shock.
I guess my advice would be… book something else!
It doesn’t necessarily even have to be another trip. You just need something else to look forward to – a course, a day out, university, or yes, another trip.
I was excited to come home, happy to be at home, but I’m also happy that it was a brilliant week with a 10-day trip to Spain at the end of it.
My next update will be from the typical holiday destination of Lloret del Mar near Girona. It’ll be a bit different to India, I’m sure!

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