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Gili T – the Indonesian Party Island

I’ve spent the last few days on Gili T – a crazy party island off of Bali. It’s been so, much, fun. As you saw in my last post I wasn’t actually that impressed by Bali. It’s talked up so much but I just didn’t get it. Gili T is a totally different case though. As soon as I arrived on the island I knew I loved it. Maybe I missed the sea in Bali?
Gili T is a little island that only takes an hour or two to walk round. I rented a bike and cycled round in just 20 minutes. It’s surrounded by beautiful beaches and down at ‘the front’ as it’s known there’s a strip of shops with handmade, really nice clothes, bars and tourist shops. The island is so small there are no cars or bikes but people get around on horse and carts. They charge up and down ‘the front’ dropping the tourists off at their hotels.

It’s so chilled out here. People generally come to party – one of the three things Gili T is known for, along with snorkelling and scuba diving. There are so many bars and clubs for such a small space and you can get any vibe from chilled out sitting around on bean bags to feeling like you’re in a super club with hundreds of people dancing around you.
I went on a snorkelling trip for just 100,000 (£5) and they dropped us at four spots, some of them were a bit shit but I saw a turtle and Gill off Finding Nemo.
On the first night I stubbed my toe so bad it ripped off a layer of skin about 3mm thick. Doesn’t sound much but it’s been so annoying. I wanted to surf and scuba but haven’t been able to because it’s about 2cm wide and really hurts.
One of the most interesting things I’ve done is to do yoga at The Yoga Place. It was such a nice class and I felt so nice and relaxed by the end. The studio looked out over the lush garden – when I went it was absolutely chucking it down and it felt kind of special. 
One of the best things about Gili T though has definitely been the cool little crew I met. On the first day of the 6 I stayed here I met five others who I ended up hanging out with all week. It’s amazing the connections you can make in such a short space of time – that’s something I’ve always loved about travel. I’m in Lombok now but I’m meeting up with them all here tomorrow. We’re going to rent bikes and go off chasing waterfalls! 

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