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Learning to Surf in San Pancho

This last week I’ve been at the Surf House San Pancho. It’s an incredible surf villa in the San Pancho wilderness – just a 10-minute walk from the main San Pancho strip and add another 5 minutes and you’re at the beach. 
For the last 5 days I’ve spent four hours every afternoon down at the ‘Stinkies’ Beach learning how to surf. It’s been amazing. Hard bloody work, but amazing. I was actually standing up on the first day so the next few have been dedicated to perfecting my ‘pop’ as they call it. Learning how to stand up as quickly as possible to catch the wave. 
What I didn’t understand about surfing before was that most of the work is to do with paddling. I have no upper body strength whatsoever, so it was really hard for me to keep paddling once I’d ridden the wave. At one point I was described as looking like a ‘wet weary kitten’ as I grabbed onto my surf board after a wipeout but didn’t have the energy to get back on and mount the board. The waves just washed over me as I tried to get the strength.
I chose the Surf House San Pancho because of all the 5-star Trip Advisor ratings. Past guests really liked this place, obviously. 
The owners Bianca and Luis are really kind, patient, fun and enthusiastic about teaching you to surf. They knew where to find the best breaks for my ‘ability’ and after every wave I managed to catch we’d talk about how I could’ve done better and what techniques will help me to advance. I can’t actually believe how much I’ve come on in just three days, and I have another two left to prove myself too. 
Their house is awesome. It’s a four-storey building and the top floor roof terrace looks out onto the San Pancho rainforest. I loved sitting up there and watching the jungle wildlife flit in the trees. You could also catch a brilliant sunset up there. Breakfast is included in the price and it is huge. Bianca made something different every day from her range of breakfast recipes she’s collected from all her adventures around the world. We had a pizza night in and a taco night out while I was here. On my birthday they even bought me a cake, Bianca said she would’ve baked one if I’d have told her sooner. They’re both so lovely and just want to share their love of surfing. 
So I’ve still got two days to go. The last five have been amazing so I’m looking forward to getting stuck into the surf this afternoon, after a Sunday rest day, and really making the most of my last two days here. I know I’ll be back though, one day.  

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