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Not sure if I can hack hostel life any more…

Had the worst night’s sleep ever last night. I was staying at the Downtown Backpackers Hostel in Bratislava and I reckon I managed about 8 x 20-minute bursts.
The hostel was really cool – I was very impressed when I arrived. There was a bar downstairs, probably one of the main reasons I chose it a few weeks ago, so I could be sociable but after the weekend I was just really tired. There was a cool lounge area, nice bathrooms and a kitchen. Rooms were big too. I was happy, until I wanted to go to sleep.
When I saw the three boys from my 8-bed dorm downing drinks in the social area I knew my slumber was in trouble. They came in at 10pm to get changed to go out.
I’d been in the room from about 8pm to do some work and just sort my head out for the next few days. I was all set up with my laptop and looking forward to cracking on, then at 8:30pm an old (60ish?) man came in, got in his PJS (in front of me) and lay down on his bed right in my eyeline. I was going to take a photo but decided it would be mean – it looked like this though.
So he conked out at 9pm and started snoring. I just stuck my earphones in, but I could still see him. It was very distracting for my overactive mind – what was he doing there? I didn’t want to sit in the social area because I hate it when people are on their laptops in a situation were people are having ‘offline fun’ which they were out there and I needed to work.
I decided to go to bed at around 11.30pm. At around 12:30am two people started having a drunken deep and meaningful outside my room and I could hear every word. Turned the volume right up on my music to drown them out: succeeded. At around 1:30am the three girls came in slamming the lockers, getting in their creaky beds and talking excitedly in some language I didn’t recognise. 2:30am the boys came back shouting in the common area, I heard them get told off, so then they came in the room and started shouting instead. Turned my music up louder. 3:30am I wake up again because someone in the room was snoring. I’m livid. It’s so loud I can’t turn my music up enough without deafening my receptors. I get up, off my mega creaky bed, and look around the room to see who it is, probably breaking all hostel code but I was annoyed he was asleep and I wasn’t. I soon realise it’s the boy above me and shake him wake him up, fearless by lack of sleep, thankfully he just turns over and stops. I get back in bed. 4:30am and I’m woken by it again. Argh! Somehow I get back to sleep. 6am, old man decides it’s time to leave and wants us all to know about it. 7:30am my alarm goes off. I mute it until 8:30am when I finally get up, pissed off. And go for a run to find the famous UFO Bridge. There it is… (look how puffy and tired my face is. Sad face.)

Thankfully I’m on my way to a shared flat in Budapest right now. After living out a suitcase and at a different place every night for the past 10 days I’m looking forward to sorting my stuff out.
I’m worried I can’t actually handle the hostel life any more, what am I going to do for the next year?

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