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Senggigi, Motorbikes and Chasing Waterfalls in Lombok

I’ve spent the last three days on Lombok island in Indonesia. It was cool to chill out but to be honest, there wasn’t actually that much to do there. The big thing to do on Lombok is to climb the Mount Rinjani volcano, but it’s closed due to the weather until April 1st so I just missed it.
Day one and I spent the first day travelling from Gili T and then chilling at my hotel and walking around Sengiggi. I came over a day before everyone else so I could do a bit of work on my laptop in the cafes. The beach in Sengiggi was nice enough but they definitely weren’t made of the white sand I’ve become used to. I sat and watched the sunset with all the honeymooners enjoying a seafood buffet for just £5. I had two fish, four prawns, rice, veggies and fruit for dessert – bargain!
On day two my friends I’d made on Gili T came and we rented out motorbikes to explore the island. It was so hot we didn’t actually get very far until the sun started to go down, so just sat eating instead. It was so cool to ride along the coastline – scootering around is literally my favourite thing to do now. One of the highlights was seeing this huge mosque…
Day three and we’d booked onto a tour of the island with a private driver for the four of us. We went to a local market where no other tourists go. I asked how much this bread thing was, as I hadn’t eaten breakfast yet, and one of the ladies replied ‘100’ and the other ‘2000’. Then they looked at each other, laughed and the more expensive one kind of told the cheap one off, in a way. It just shows how much they take from the tourists compared to the locals. I guess we can afford it – that’s still only about 8p, even at 2000. I didn’t buy it though, too annoyed at the 2000% mark up.
After the market we went to the Lombok Monkey Forest. Those things are evil! I went to take a photo and it launched at me and tried to grab my phone. I’d strongly recommend not taking food when you’re around monkeys, I didn’t, but I saw some of the other people get attacked for theirs.
From there we drove for 90 minutes to the Sendang Gile and Tiu Kelep Waterfalls. We got a guide and went on a jungle exploration chasing waterfalls. It was so cool in the forest with the rivers, rice terraces and lush vegetation – all good so far. But then we carried in to find the second one and the downpours started. Within seconds I was absolutely drenched through and I was slipping all over the place in my flip flops. We managed to find a cover for a while but there was no sign of stopping. We were totally unprepared for anything but sunshine so decided to turn around rather than go and see the second one. Shame, especially as we’d travelled all that way but if it’s not fun then there’s no point. That night we just decided to cook in our hostel and watched a film. It was the last day with Team Gili T – two of them I’d been hanging around with for 10 days so it was pretty sad.   
It’s been a change actually travelling around with people for the last few days after just travelling by myself before. It takes so long to do anything, it’s definitely more expensive, and I kind of feel like you end up doing things you wouldn’t do by yourself. For example on day two we ended up at Pizza Hut for dinner. I haven’t been there since I was at school, and after that pricey trip I hope I never go again. The experience makes me think of a saying that was written everywhere in Cape Town – ‘If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”. I might not have achieved very much with those guys – neither in work nor in exploration – but it’s absolutely, definitely been a lot more fun!

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