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The Most Ill I’ve Ever Been While Travelling

I’ve spent the last week in Kerala with my friends from home who’ve joined me for the last two weeks of this trip. I soon recovered from the Delhi taxi journey of my last update (thanks anyone who Tweeted me to check I was ok!) but quickly developed another problem. A problem so vicious it can stop you from enjoying your normal day-to-day life and leave you a slave to its moods and unique ways. Yep, the famous Delhi Belly found me.
For your sakes I won’t go into the details but let’s just say I haven’t been able to stray far from a toilet for six days now. I’ve taken umpteen rehydration sachets, been on two pharmacy visits, had antibiotics, spewed off the side of a bridge, had to beg to go in someone’s house and use their toilet, had three nights where I spent more time in the bathroom than in my bed and haven’t kept one meal inside me for more than a few hours in that time. It’s been emotional, annoying and worrying. I’m determined not to go to a hospital and am drinking all I can to try and wash the bug out, somehow. I feel like I’m verging on the road to recovery now and hope that come Goa I’ll be back to my former self.
This has ruined all the eating and drinking I was planning on doing this week as for what could be the first time in my life I’ve been unable to finish anything that I’ve ordered, for six days.
Kerala is pretty though – I guess if I’m going to get ill anywhere it’s better than the bright lights of the big cities. We’ve had some nice walks through the towns – I had to miss out on the 3-hour nature walk my friends went on, obviously – been to visit a spice plantation, spent last night on a houseboat cruising the backwaters and stayed at some really nice places.
None of us quite registered just how huge India is, although after two 7-hour journeys in cars and buses we’re starting to understand. When we were planning the trip, on January 1st after a boozey NYE, we’d made this elaborate plan including beaches and swanning about up the Kerala coast. But what looked so manageable back then on a map print out has definitely overwhelmed us here. We’ve eliminated Varkala Beach out of the plan and decided to keep things simple from now on.
We’re currently checked into a swanky hotel in Alleppey – just to use the pool though. Getting a train to Goa tonight, where I hope my body will decide that it’s a new start and stop with the constant evacuations it’s currently inflicting on me.  As the minutes tick down the thought of those Indian Railway toilets becomes all the more terrifying.

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