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Thoughts on Lake Como

The next stop on my European adventure has been Lake Como in Italy. Before I came I imagined a lake, of course, and colourful houses dotted around the shoreline. I pictured a small village at the centre where there’d be a bit of hustle and bustle on market day but apart from that it would be a lazy village where you could while away the day either people watching or simply staring into the lake contemplating life.
What Lake Como actually is, is an enormous lake that you can’t see all the way around. Houses are built from the shoreline about ten hairpin bends deep up the mountain and there are thousands of them. There’s not a central ‘Como’ town, it’s just one of many surrounding the huge lake. 

Admittedly, now I look at a map I realise that of course it isn’t a round lake and of course there are more towns than Como, but my research was hurried.
I’m staying in an apartment with my family and extended family and we are high into the mountains – this was obviously why this particular ‘villa’ was good value compared to the rest I’d looked at. It might be a scary drive trying to get the car down to the apartment, but the views out over Como are so incredible, it’s well worth it.

We’re about 20 minutes from Como town, in a place called Fagello Latio. We went to Como today and enjoyed a coffee in the main square. There’s a ferry service I hope to explore over the next few days or you can rent boats out for your own party as a private charter too.
One of the best things to do in Como is the funicular up to the top of the mountain to look out over the town. It’s €4.50 to go up and took about 7 minutes to get up to the top. Once we reached the top we took a look around and had a go on the telescope to try and see all those metres down into the town.

There was quite a lot to see up there – lighthouses and museums – but we didn’t have much time and had to be back to the car park for the car, so we just enjoyed one of the local beers and admired the view instead.
We came back down and tried to use the bikes, but you needed a card from a kiosk in town to rent them out, which was a shame. I think a cycle ride around the lake would be a brilliant thing to do here, and a great bit of exercise after all the pizza, pasta and gelato! 

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