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Totally broken after a week at Sziget Festival

I’ve been at Sziget in Budapest for the last week. It’s been absolutely amazing. It was definitely hard work, totally exhausting and a complete annihilation on my body but a brilliant week all the same.
I’ll confess now that I didn’t camp. And every morning that I woke up in my apartment bed I was grateful for the fact. The festival is 7 nights long so it’s pretty intense and staying in a tent for all that time would be mad. There were rainstorms on two nights and one of the days it just wouldn’t stop. So no thanks.
The festival was huge, more than 400,000 people go over the week. This year’s headliners were Outkast, Calvin Harris, Placebo, Queens of the Stone Age, Lily Allen and Madness. There were a few 100 more acts over the week on all the different stages too.
They had everything from an Irish band playing the flute with some heavy bass in the background, to African drummers and traditional Hungarian dancers. Some of the smaller stages went on until 6am – there was definitely more than a few people who didn’t sleep that week.
Other things to do
One of the coolest things at Sziget that I’ve never seen at a festival before was the Sky Bar. It was basically a bar, but you go 50m into the air suspended over the festival and look down over it all. It just so happened we were up there as Outkast did their closing song, which was awesome.
There was also a ferris wheel, a bungee jump and a whole tent full of people playing logic games. There was a rubiks cube bar, a wine village and a whole international cuisine area where I ate some Transylvanian shish kebab.
One of the best things about Sziget Festival was just how international the clientele were. If you spoke to someone you never knew where they’d be from. A lot of people had huge flags either wrapped around their necks like capes or on sticks. These proved very useful when you needed a marker to find your friends again.
There were all ages at Sziget, although the 18-25s were definitely the most well represented. Saw a few oldies, a few kids, but it’s more popular with early 20-somethings.
Like all festivals people were very friendly at Sziget. I got chatting to quite a few people in the crowds, which was really cool.
Sziget is really well organised. With so many people you would’ve thought it would be a nightmare but it was easy to get it, the longest queue I was in was probably for some dinner at smack bang 7pm when everyone else wanted theirs too. Even the queue for this was only about 5 minutes. There were so many toilets, bars, tents and food stalls it was brilliant. If you wanted to see the headline acts on the main stage it was pretty crazy, my 5foot nothing friend got totally overwhelmed by all the people closing in on us at Macklemore and we had to get out straight away. But you can stand on the back on the benches and the view is great.
I had a brilliant week at Sziget, and I’m now pretty much broken. I’m staying in Budapest an extra few days now to repair myself before moving on to Romania. Just let me know if you have any questions about the fest!

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