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You have to try flyboarding!

Pretty much one of the best things I’ve ever done, bar the Skydive in Taupo and the jet skiing on the Gold Coast, was flyboarding in Puerto Vallarta yesterday.
It was amazing! 

I hovered up to two metres above the sea and zig zagged my way across the surface. I learnt how to do 360s and I even attempted a graceful dolphin move – totally belly flopped it, obviously.
I did it with Vallarta Adventures just down the road. They have loads of different adventures there but I stuck with the flyboarding.  

I was soon strapped into the boots and it felt kind of like a snowboard. All I had to remember was to keep my legs locked and straight, give the thumbs up and Benjamin on the jet ski would jet propel me out of the water and into the sky. Then it was up to me to keep steady and fly! 
To stay steady on the fllyboard it’s all in the toes and heels, and if you want to move you can direct yourself by looking that way and putting your weight on the foot of the direction you want to go in. That’s kind of all there is to it, it all comes down to balance. 

One of the best things about fly boarding was when you needed to get back to the platform. All you had to do was lie face down but head out in the water and Benjamin would start the jets so I was propelled along. I felt like a mermaid or something. 
It was the sense of power that sucked me in. I was flying! I could go anywhere, do anything, so long as it was in a 10 metre radius of Benjamin on his jet ski that is.
Being up in the air flying around was awesome. After 30 minutes I felt like I was just getting started though. When I’m rich I’ll have back to back lessons so I can practise that dolphin dive I so wanted to do!

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