Do Dreams come true or are they just in fairy tales?

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Do Dreams come true or are they just in fairy tales?

Updated 6 years, 2 weeks ago

Hi everyone :) im new to the site, just thought i'd leave a message, feel free to leave a comment or give some advice. 

Im currently in my second year at college and have just sent my Ucas form off to Uni's to study Children's Nursing. The problem i have is that i really want to go on a gap year to Australia but i only have £1500 saved up, I know if i do get a place at university that i could defer my place and start a year later, hopefully i'l be able to save up £2500 by the time its july as its my 18th inbetween now and July so i'll get some money for that :D and i could carry on saving until i yet off.

The plan i have would be to go to Australia in October or around that time as its cooler :) and work there while i stay, i have family in Perth who i could visit and stay with for a while but i'd really like to go to Sydney.  Has anyone got any suggestions of what i should do... i know the money i have wont be alot as i would have to buy flights, visa, insurance ect. in that money but i really want to go to Australia. I wouldn't want to go after Uni as i think i would forget everything i've done by the time i start being a nurse lol.  Also i wouldn't mind how long i stayed there the plan would be to just come home whenever really e.g. after 6 months or 10 months i would just go with the flow haha.

Please help on how i could budget my money and any idea's, places to visit, things to do, ect...  :)

Thankyouu :) p.s. sorry for the essay :P

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