Australia October 2011

Hey…im currently in china teaching english but will be finishing my contract in september…going to be travelling around china until middle of october and then heading over to australia!

Not sure to use oz intro either but if I find someone on here going over their at a similar time I would happily save the money and do it myself as its fairly expensive so looking for some travel buddies to see australia with!

My plans are to arrive the middle of october, stay in sydney having a look around for a while and to definitely do a sky dive there and then head north to botany bay to do 3 months harvesting work to earn some money! as i heard you can then apply for a second working holiday visa after the 3 months harvesting work!

After that my plans are to head north on the east coast for about 2 months traveling the outback and then after that find more work harvesting where I end up to earn some more money for a round 5 months to fund trips to Asia/Indonesia and New Zea land for when my visa runs out after a year!

If anyone has similar plans let me know!

Peace x

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