So it begins.

Several months ago Tash and I were looking for a way for Tash to stay in the UK with me past March 2009 when her English WHV runs out. You see, Tash is a Kiwi who was unfortunate enough to meet and fall in love with me while in the UK. She moved in with me in June 2008 however there was no provision for Tash to stay in the UK past March ’09.

Propping up the bar in my local where Tash was working I had a great idea. Let’s sack off everything and travel the world. Now usually Tash is my sensible side. I come up with silly idea’s and she points out how insane I am. Not this time however! This time she agreed, much to my surprise.

I work for Virgin Media in a fairly stressful environment. I was career minded, had been since I left school. I was doing very well for myself. I suddenly realised I had just suggested giving all this up for skintness (is that even a word? Have I just created a new word?) and no security 12000 miles away from my family 😕

I quickly started to back track. What about the house? The car? The dog which we didn’t yet have? I realised that all of this meant nothing compared with the ability to grow old being able to say I have been there. I have done it. My mind was set.

Preparations started which is no mean feat working to such a tight deadline. We decided to go on the 14th Jan 2009. This was on the 23rd August 2008. That gave us 4 months to get everything sorted..

My WHV was granted on 29th August 2008 and I realised this was happening. I was leaving the stress of work and western ideals for stress of a completely different kind. We booked flights in the later part of September. Heathrow to NZ to spend some time with Tash’s family and then onto Melbourne! Exciting!!

And now we come to the first real hurdle. Its now only 4 weeks until we go and we have had some major financial dents. We were taking £5500 with us and were comfortable however the car we own just went bang.

Not a problem you may think? I will explain.. My Nan bought the car for us on the condition we saved and just gave her the car in Jan. Trouble is, we have saved but now have no car. £900 to Nan. Also found out Barclays have stiffed my rent. £900 to Landlord. Thats right folks we are now £2000 down on what we expected to have.

We have done the figures and, on paper, it can work. Trouble is we don’t live on paper! At this point in time we are still departing to Oz in the hope we can make this measly amount of money account for anything out there but I fear this trip might be doomed from the start 🙁

I am sure there will be many more panic driven blog posts between now and the airport!

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