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This wonder of the world just amazes you with its sheer size and history. While most of us have heard of the size, actually setting your eyes on it , is something else.  Most tour operators  show you the monument from the outside, but honestly, it is a crime to be there on the outside and not actually, explore the insides.

Here is a short virtual tour of the same –

Built as an amphitheatre for the Roman games, the structure is elliptical in shape. As you cross the arch to the inside, one sees what remains of it. It is not really hard to imagine what it must have been in its glory days. The picture below is a view as you enter. One clearly sees 3 levels – the first level is where you can climb to, the second is closed and the third partially exists. As you stand at the ground floor, you can see the underground maze and tunnels, where the games actually began
You can choose to walk along the periphery or just head to the first level. As you head up the staircase, which are quite steep and high, what unfolds is as clicked here

Right ahead, one can see the wooden floor, which formed the arena. It is said that the main area used to be filled with water to enable some naval games. However, during the later years, the same was replaced by games with wild animals and men. The underground area was equipped with cages and lifts for the beasts and men to be raised to the arena. The underground maze has a restricted access, there are several events during the year where you can get an access to exploring these. Information on the same is available on their official website. There are also, several organized tours that offer this program. Check out my tips section for a few links.

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