word of advice!

Much as I enjoyed Warrick’s detailed info on Peru, can I just  emphasise how incredibly important  it is to be aware of altitude sickness.   You WILL get sick in Cusco, you must drink  lots of water, you must avoid alcohol, you must know where the nearest clinic is and where you can get an oxygen tank. From bitter family experience, a 6 week trip had to be cut short after 2 weeks because neither of my family members could cope with the  nausea, headaches, they could barely walk, they were almost incoherent and disorientated and after 5 days of getting worse, they had to fly back to Lima. So no Macchu Pichu, no zip wires, no sacred Valley Treks. And Bolivia was totally impossible as it is even higher.  And be aware, if you turn up at a clinic without your passport they won’t see you. Again, from experience. They had saved so hard for the trip of a lifetime and were so unprepared for how ill they felt. I know everyone is different but most people seem to make light of altitude sickness and it is a potential killer.

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