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New York, I Love You!

Updated 4 years, 10 months ago

Like it or not, but New York is a place like no other. If I would be to choose a city instead of husband, then New York would be my first, my best and my only choice.

It has it all: art, fashion, sex, culture and cruel intentions, that are so seductively inviting millions of people every year to visit epicenter of everything. It has its own wide world inside dressed in numerous billboards and yellow cab cars and stripped out by numerous opportunities, which this city has to offer.

New York is a chic elegant lady looking down from the highest heights on every newcomer: it is incredibly hard to get her attention, she has you on the hook and you would follow her around like a teenager in love. You would try to catch a chance for a single look in her eyes, look into her soul, but remember: not every mortal human being can do that. And once you’re in the list, once you’ve made it there – you can make it anywhere, can’t you?

This incredible city invites you in the world full of success stories, trips and falls, broken hearts and healed wings. And when you’re in, you won’t know which category will be applied to you. This is what it’s all about: danger and charm. Some of us make it here, some get lost forever.

As for me: I love New York. And when I say “I love New York” by every means I am trying to transfer you this incredible freedom and empowering feeling of making your goals reachable. I admire every tribute that world paid to this city, I am enchanted by beliefs of people who made this city into the place where dreams come true. Like an opened book, New York has a lot to tell: you just need to hear the whisper of the Times Square, Central Park, and Statue of Liberty… But remember: whispers serve to tell the secrets.

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