The Edinburgh meet-up

Ok so this doesn`t really count as part of my placement or anything like that and a lot of the time I don`t really think there was any mention at all about gapyears, plenty of alcohol though. However, I will recommend this as essential fun for all gappers even if you`re not really involved with this site. Basically in summary it’s a chance for you to meet some like minded people, talk about gap year plans, maybe meet a travel partner and just generally to have a good time.

So with this in mind I decided that the best way to spend my final weekend was to travel the length of the country, taking about 6-7 hours by train to meet a complete bunch of strangers. Ok so maybe this sounds like a little bit of a strange thing to do but having bought my ticket and agreed to meet 2 of these strangers at the station there wasn`t really any chance of backing out.

I`m not going to bore you with all the details of what happened, and some of the site editors will probably be happier if I don`t mention their drunken comments outside the nonsense board. You should be able to find the details elsewhere on the site if your interested in reading about the antics of a group of random people. What I will say though is especially if you have any doubts about traveling and meeting a lots of new people it’s a great idea as it will show you that you can meet a group of complete strangers and find a lot in common to talk about and have a great time

Look on the General Notice board to get involved with deciding where the next meet up is.

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