Hah. Danger is my middle name.

Japan has to be about the safest country in the world. I feel completely at ease walking about at night by myself here, Japanese just don`t get into fights, well maybe drunk comedy fights only. (The US marines stationed near Hiroshima do though, I`m sure I`ll mention them again later)
Japan also has just about the lowest crime rate and highest life expectancy of any major world nation. Policemen are employed half the time to give directions rather than arrest criminals. The country`s constitution pretty much prevents it being involved in any war and Hiroshima is recognised as an International City Of Peace. (No I`m not going to become exposed to radiation as one worried friend asked before I left). So overall then a pretty safe place. If you want a gappers diary with lots of danger this probably isn`t the best place.
Having said that my count after being here 3 weeks stands at 1 near death experience (stupid motorbikes) and 1 head on high speed bike crash, so its a dangerous world out there be careful kids.

If anyone is having a slightly more dangerous gapyear feel free to post your near death experiences here.

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