The placement so far

Well as you can probably tell I`m in Hiroshima at the moment. I`ve been here for about 3 weeks now and its going pretty quickly.
We got a rather overwhelming greeting when we arrived, ballons, banners and lots of picture taking, I`ll try and get the photos up on the site at some point. After showing us the hospital and where we were staying they just left us to ourselves for the whole weekend to explore.
We spent the whole of our first day walking around the hospital meeting people. The basic conversation went like this.
Me-Namae wa Andrew desu. Dozo Yoroshiku onegai shimasu. 😀
(my name is Andrew, pleased to meet you)
Them-Dozo Yoroshiku. Nihongo ga jozu desu ne. 😀
( Nice to meet you, he`s good at Japanese isn`t he.)
To which I`d either say something else provoking much laughter 😆 , or quickly move onto the next room. 😳

Repeat this conversation about 100-200 times and that was my first day pretty much.
Since then we`ve been doing full time Japanese lessons(was I really that bad) as they obviously don`t trust us enough to let us loose in the hospital yet. They`re pretty useful but really tiring and intensive.

Anyway thats whats going on with the placement at the moment, I`ll write something about Hiroshima itself soon.

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