Well I haven`t posted anything new for a while so here`s a load of random stuff I`ve been up to this month.

We went to tea ceremony this morning, which involves preparing cups of japanese tea very slowly in an exact way. There are lots of rules about which order you do things in and how you hold the cups and pour the tea. Luckily you only have to sit and watch and then drink the tea rather than actually perform the ceremony yourself which takes ages to train for.

I`ve started to help one of my friends here teach a little 6 year old girl English. Best moment was when her brother walked in and was so suprised to see a foreigner in his house that he ran up stairs screaming `its a foreigner`.

Hospital work is still a bit boring but I`ve got some good wards to come over the next month or 2 e.g. kids and babies wards and also the Atomic Bomb survivors ward which should be interesting.

Should be going travelling again in at the end of the month, probably to Tokyo and a few other places on the way.

Also maybe a mini meet up with Lunny over the next couple of weeks and another festival next weekend. It`s a hard life isn`t it 😆 😆 😆

anyway take care everyone

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