Cormarant Fishing(ukai)

A little tip for anyone going to Japan here go and see cormarant fishing, it`s really good fun.
We went in a little town called Inuyama(lit. dog mountain) just North of Nagoya but they also do it in a few other places around Japan.
Basically you board a small boat around 6-7pm and cruise about the river for a while watching the sun go down and drinking beers. When it gets dark the fishing boat with a large fire attached to the front of it, to attract the fish, joins you in the water. A group of maybe 7 or 8 cormarants are attached to the boat by chains around their throats to stop them swallowing the fish once they catch them. For about 20-30min. you speed alongside the fishing boat as the cormarants dive into the water for fish. It`s quite exciting watching the birds dive into the water at great speed, lit only by fire light.

I`m a bit disappointed today though cause being a big monkey fan I really wanted to go to the monkey park in Inuyama but was kind of put off when we found out they wanted to charge us a whopping 20 quid. hmm thanks but no thanks!!

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