Nagoya and Tokyo

Well Im returning to Hiroshima today so heres a rather incoherant account of my last few days of travelling.

From Inuyama we moved onto Nagoya, which (I think) is the 4th largest city in Japan. Didnt really have much time for sightseeing but went out to an ‘all you can drink’ bar in the evening. Me and all you can drink bars; not a good combination. Spent most of the next day just recovering and watching DVDs before catching the Shinkansen to Tokyo.
The Shinkansen(bullet train) is another essential Japan experience, super fast and always on time. Its pretty expensive as well but it’s just one of those things you have to do in Japan.

I’ve spent most of my time in Tokyo just exploring around some of the main areas. If you like electronics Akihabara is amazing, loads of new stuff and really cheap compared to the UK as well.

Also went out in Roppongi last night. I’m sure some people would like it but I thought it was *$%*&#@!@# (insert your own swear words so I dont get in trouble with Alan). Far too many Gaijin(foreigners), prostitutes, touts, and **** over priced bars. It’s really intimidating and aggressive which is completely the opposite form almost anywhere else in Japan.
The one redeaming moment was when Adam got chased half way down the road by a prostitute who was probably old enough to have been his mother.
Anyway that’s my rant about Roppongi over, by this time tomorrow I should be back in Hiroshima.

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