10 bizarre Japan things (part 1)

Okay I have a theory. ALL JAPANESE PEOPLE ARE INSANE. I`m yet to be proven wrong. One advantage of this is though that they do create some of the most bizarre and wonderful things. So lets forget about the temples and castle these are the 10 things you`ll really remember about Japan.

Not bizarre in themselves but they are actually every where, millions of them. Most sell just drinks and cigarettes, some sell alcohol(now be honest would that work in Britain, can you imagine how many drunken 12 year olds there would be lying about on the streets). They get slowly more unusual and bizarre, newspapers, pot plants, fast food. The most bizarre are the legendary vending machines that sell used school girls knickers, having not seen one I can`t guarentee that they still exist. Strangely though I haven`t found a single one though that sells chocolate or crisps!

These are clearly one of the greatest inventions of all time. Heated seats are pretty much essential when it`s cold. Most seats also have two squirting water functions for cleaning(you can change the force of the squirting) and a drying function. It makes going to the toilet a lot more fun and saves on toilet paper.
How these seats haven`t caught on back home I don`t know, in fact I might just have to start off my own toilet seat company when I get back.

Basically these were designed for couples who live in really small houses and so often want to get a few hours peace for well you know what, or maybe for Japanese business men and their secretaries. Make up your own mind, depends how supicious you are. You can either stay for just a couple of hours or the whole night but you can`t check in till late. The rooms tend to vary from pretty normal to completely insane theme rooms. The better one`s tend to have mini swimming pools and Jaccuzies(sorry about the spelling). The most bizarre/best one I`ve heard of is a Hello Kitty S&M room complete with a modified Kitty doll with a ball gag. Yay!!
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ok 4-10 to come at a later date[/u]

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