10 bizzare Japan things (part 2)

Another fantastic Japanese invention depending on how you look at it. I`m not talking about your usual English pub style karaoke though here thank God. There are still lots of small bars where business men go after work to sing Frank Sinatra to other drunk business men, but I guess these places are probably best avoided.
Instead go to one of the big karaoke places you see lots a long the street. Basically you hire out a small room just for your mates with a TV, a couple of microphones and sofa style seats around a big table. Most places have a huge selection of new and old foreign songs as well as often doing really cheap beer and food. The strange thing is its actually so much fun, you`ll always want to do more songs than you have time for. I guess it`s probably best with a group of slightly drunk friends but I know people who have gone completey sober in the middle of the day and hired a room for just 2 of them.

5. Food
First rule of Japanese cooking; if it`s alive and lives in the sea you can eat it. This means sometimes you`ll end up eating some really weird stuff like Octopus and sea urchin. Sometimes it`s nice, sometimes just pass the sick bucket. Raw fish is actually really nice depending on what kind of fish.
One of the more unusual delicalies is Fugu(blowfish) which contains large amounts of fatal poison that has to be removed before it can be eaten. All the chefs have to own a special license to be allowed to serve it. Anyone who has seen the simpsons episode about it will know what I mean.

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