Bizarre Japan things (part 3)

6.) SUMO
What a fantastic sport, finally a chance for fats guys to become famous and professional sports stars. They even get all the pretty girls too. Nuff said.

As everyone knows Japanese tv is absolutely insane/rubbish. Lots of weird gameshows and talent competitions where the aim actually seems to be to sing as badly as humanly possible. The adverts are also pretty strange you`re quite often left just thinking `What the F*** was that about?` Although considing most people in the UK watch a show where a group of random people get locked in a house for a couple of months, Japanese TV doesn`t seem quite so strange after all.

Here I`m talking about when you down a street in a big city like Tokyo and suddenly you see someone(usually a girl) dressed in just a completely random costume i.e. like little bo peep, like Geri Haliwell(British flag dress, dyed hair, really high shoes), or completely over the top Goth style.
It`s so weird but they do it as if it`s the most natural thing ever and noone really stares at them either.

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