1 month to go

Yeah that`s right in just 1 month I`ll have left Hiroshima and be spending my final few days in Japan in Tokyo. I can tell it`s coming soon cause I`m starting to think about all the things I`ll do when I get home and all the things I need to fit into my last month here.
Haven`t done an update for a while so this is what I`ve been up to recently. Had probably a bit too much to drink last weekend so decided to have a recovery week, I even went to the gym today!! We went to karaoke last Thursday and managed to fit about 15-20 people all in one room for 2 hours just drinking and singing.

Oh yeah did I mention it`s finally summer here now, the rain has stopped, the beer gardens are open, the beaches are waiting, I love summer.

This week at work I`ve been working on the new born babies ward so I get to spend ages just feeding the babies, which is cool but pretty exhausting. Also got to serve tea to lots of random visitors to the hospital like Hiroshima`s mayor and more bizzarely a couple of high ranking members of the Kurdish government in Northern Iraq.

I also went to a cool office party where they released noodles down a long shoot of bamboo and you had to try and catch them and then eat them. Well It was a slightly more entertaining way to eat dinner than usual.

well I better be off, things to do
take care

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