Morocco part 1

Well at the moment I’m sitting at our hotel in Marrakesh writing this on what is probably the slowest computer ever, so first I would like to thank’s new fast oppening pages and my own stupid persistence for making this message possible.

Now onto the interesting stuff. We arrived in Malaga on Tuesday and were staying at one of my travel mates grandparents place; swimming pool, sun, fresh squezed orange juice every morning, what more can you ask for. Despite this though we had to drag ourselves away and yesterday we caught the ferry across from Spain to Morocco.
We landed in Tangier kindly described by our grandmother host the previous night as rubbish and a city of thieves. So a great place to start then.

Pretty soon after arriving we were whisked away by a local guide called Muhamed, a small portly grandfather who wore a little red fes. He took us to a succession of carpet and spice shops where we were given demonstrations and mint tea, but the owners were left a bit disappointed that we didn’t buy anything. As one of the shopkeepers said ‘we are a theatrical nation’ selling goods is not just a job but an art.
In the evening we caught the night train to Marrakesh and spent the most of the time trying to find a comfortable body position layout to sleep 7 people in one cabin. It was only about 11 quid though for a 11 hour train journey so who cares.

We arrived in Marrakesh this morning with the sun beating intensely down. After finding a really nice hotel with a great view of the main square and breakfast included for just 5 quid a night we set of to explore. Marrakesh is just amazing the people and all the shops are fantastic. Let a week of eating and shopping comence.

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