Dubrovnik one very long bus ride later

After moving on from Rovinj I headed to the main town in Istria, which is Pula, although after deciding there wasnt really that much i wanted to see I got a bit of a rush of blood to the head and booked a place on the 15hr bus ride to Dubrovnik for the evening.
Dont get me wrong Pula is nice enough it has an old roman coloseum and walking through the old forum is also nice but after that its not really a great place for hanging around just an average boring town. Although I would like to have arrived a few days later to see Jamiroquai play in the colloseum which i think would have been pretty interesting, a good mix of new and ancient.

Anyway so last night i sort of survived the 15hr bus ride and got some sleep but it was pretty hard when it kept stopping everyhour to let new passengers on. The views were well worth it when it was light though, absolutly spectatcular hills with little redroofed towns topping them off and then beautiful views over the Islands off the coast.

So now to Dubrovnik definately the main tourist sight in Croatia, and now Im here i just have to work my way back up to the country. So does it live up to the hype? Well yes sort of, the old town is spectacular but i cant really imagine wanting to stay here for more than a couple of days in amongst the hoards of tourists, in a way its a bit like Venice gorgeous to see but a bit stressful as well.

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